Books are in

And Christ were they heavy.

Shipping out to kickstarter supporters Monday and Tuesday, then searching through my email for all the drunken promises of books to people who wrote me about it.

After that, there will be a book release party hosted by Marcus Parks and Sara Benincasa (maybe, that’s what Marcus said anyway) at The Creek and Cave. Date TBD, but hopefully this month.

After THAT, I’ve been informed there is a standard list of critics and publications to whom I should be sending copies.

In summation: there will probably not be physical copies available on the website for a while yet, and possibly not at all. Aside from the copies already promised, I’m seeding local book stores that will sell on consignment, and I left a box of them at my bar because I was too lazy to carry them home, and they almost sold out that afternoon. If any are left after publicity attempts, I’ll put an order form here. The good news is that if I do manage to sell out, it should bring in just enough money to do another run of 400, at which point I’ll start order it and set up an order form on this site.

In the meantime, if you really want a copy, send an email to, and you’ll be the first in line when copies become available.

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